The Origin of EO™

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The Origin of EO™

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At First time

Titan Heil create Allience that called EO™️

And Sentro contact Titan Heil
Then He join to EO™️

But One day The Smell of The War happen by ML™️

The First Army from ML™️ is going to meet Titan Heil village

That army is Boy&Girl

Titan Heil Village is destroyed
But the resource from Everyone in EO™️ can help Titan Heil

After that ML™️ attack EO™️ Everyday
But EO™️ have many defend soldier

EO™️ can protect thier village
But some of them join to ML™️
some of them can't rebuild their village(Too late)

One day EO™️ invite Dc™️ and NE™️ to attack ML™️

3 Allience work together but not forever

NE™️ broke the relation

EO™️ and Dc™️ have to includ to be DE™️

And TOD™️ includ to DE™️

But only 2 day later DE™️ fall

EO™️ and some of DE™️ member have to create new allience called WU™️

Short time Later [FD]™️ invite EO™️ to includ to be WTF™️

EO™️ accept to includ

But after that Apollo11 coup EO™️

Then Many Manager in EO™️ resist Apollo11

Apollo11 have to get away from EO™️

Titan Heil is king of EO™️ again

Short time after that Titan Heil Die

aewsanaka have to be a king of EO™️

But the command_ma nud help her to manage EO™️ too much

aewsanaka think I am king
Why she don't do anything

aewsanaka go away from EO™️

command_ma nud have to be a king of EO™️

But he is lazy to manage then EO™️ fall again

EO™️ member have to join to other allience

EO™️ can't reborn again!

Ps.Some of that wrong Grammar
Because This is Eagle English555+ 555

I'm Eagle!!!!
Eagle Lighting

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